theyre not

2008-12-14 17:38:31 by lifeoffire

Im serious that swingin hams are no good when it come to being hit with one check out my vid

Woot im ready

2008-12-14 11:49:33 by lifeoffire

Finally my new flash got 10 reviews thwy all good Im inspiered


2008-12-11 23:39:50 by lifeoffire

man dont you hate when people judge really harsh even if your new ERRR.
man cant they just give advice without the harsh remarks....AHHHHHH

New flash coming soon

2008-12-10 22:49:58 by lifeoffire

New flash coming soon its a stick skateboarding video and im calling it
"skater gets it right" It should be out within the next week or so so dont run away.